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Sony CEO Michael Lynton : 'The Interview' will get released if..

Sony's CEO spoke in length this afternoon to CNN in response to Obama's press conference where he said that the studio's decision to pull screenings was in his view "a mistake."

Sony declared that 'The Interview' would not be released worldwide this week following an abrupt decision by movie theaters to cancel all screenings in the U.S.

"The President, the press and the public are mistaken as to what actually happened."

Michael Lynton told CNN that the theatrical release wasn't possible because the theater chains had declined to show 'The Interview' which led to the inevitable cancelation of screenings nationwide.

Lynton admitted that Sony is considering to release the film on VOD but no major distributor has so far been prepared to step in. The CEO also admitted that Sony as a company had to go thru intermediaries in order to reach American audiences thru distribution.

"We have not caved, we have not given in, and we have not backed down."

Lynton also said that Sony would make 'The Interview' again, as a political satire if it had the option, and that they want the American people to see the movie.

The revelation comes amid mounting criticism from Hollywood figures that the film shouldn't be censored while actors like Brad Pitt and Jamie Foxx have condemned the hacking. However, in another twist, George Clooney admitted last night that he was not able to get support in Hollywood to condemn the hackers, but support from the wider industry for his letter is there.

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