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Social networks changing film distribution


Film distribution and social networks

The dramatic growth of social networks has created a new sphere of influence powered by individual users. Today, Facebook boasts 300 million worldwide members and dominates the market as the largest social network.

The cost of making high quality films has fallen dramatically with the advent of HD workflows creating a new opportunity for independent filmmakers to compete with larger Hollywood movies. Distribution plays a vital role in getting a film financed, and this is all about to change with the help of social networks. Being able to create one s audience has always been the challenge of the independent filmmaker. How do I get people to see my film? How can I secure distribution before my film is made?

The answer may lie in social networks. Paranormal activity, a recent blockbuster hit, was made by independent filmmakers for less than 15,000 dollars. It was acquired by Paramount s DreamWorks unit and has earned more than 100 million dollars at the US box office using a mixture of traditional and online advertising including the use of social networks to build an early fan base.

As the volume of traffic grows on large social networks, the individual s ability to create fan bases for films that haven t been made are huge and don t require million dollar budgets. The days of traditional distribution are numbered and the real question is whether independent filmmakers will be able to create their own distribution channels with the help of social networks.

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