'Skyfall' Olympics TV spot with Daniel Craig going viral

Skyfall' TV spot released

The new 'Skyfall' Olympics TV spot featuring Daniel Craig and a montage of Bond action is going viral after it was released following the 2012 opening ceremony.

In light of the sensational 2012 Olympics extravangaza it was inevitable that we would see the digital marketing of Bond come into action as a billion people have now been reminded that he is ready for his mission. It's the perfect introduction to Bond and now with the Queen's guest role in the UK's biggest media event ever, we can't wait to see the movie.

The 'Skyfall' TV spot is a little over 30 seconds long featuring quick cut action and a dark scene with a room filled with coffins. The new bond film takes Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem and Helen McCrory on a high stakes adventure after MI6 comes under attack. Sam Mendes directs the latest Bond which comes out at the cinema on the 9th November 2012

Skyfall Olympics TV Spot

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