SimpleCDN customers face blackout across the entire US

NEW YORK, USA - Service partners have pulled the plug on major US web hosting company SimpleCDN without notice forcing web companies offline in a matter of hours.

SimpleCDN have issued a statement regarding the sudden termination of all its services:

"Two days ago these organisations decided to immediately terminate our contract and suspend service on much of our infrastructure in Dallas, Seattle and Washington, D.C. This infrastructure constitutes the majority of our delivery network for our value services, including on-demand and live streaming services."

In response to the devastating news from SimpleCDN, competitor MaxCDN VP of Marketing David Henzel said:

As long-time Internet marketers we thrive on and encourage healthy competition and do not at all enjoy seeing a fellow CDN Provider go down in flames the way SimpleCDN is at this point. MaxCDN have offered help and assistance to them and hope they will find a way to resolve these issues.

To immediately help SimpleCDN customers in any way we can, effective immediately we are offering SimpleCDN customers promotional pricing for transferring their sites to MaxCDN to prevent potentially devastating downtime.

MaxCDN accelerates companies such as and

Bloginity founder Daniel Haim also responded to the news, supporting MaxCDN's offer:

If you are still debating whether MaxCDN is the right choice for you trust me when I say that choosing MaxCDN s services was the best turn in Bloginity Network s corporate history - Bloginity.Com

MaxCDN offer to help SimpleCDN customers

SimpleCDN customers facing a sudden blackout can immediately get a large discount with MaxCDN using the code 'simplecdn' and sign up via this form.

Word From Film Industry Network founder

Our website has greatly benefitted from MaxCDN's service providing us with faster SSD servers and I am deeply saddened to hear about SimpleCDN's sudden crisis. I wanted to personally recommend MaxCDN for those looking for a quick fix, and that I hope SimpleCDN can get back up and running so that they can continue to serve their loyal customers. - Iain Alexander

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