Simon Cowell joins twitter but faces contest with Piers Morgan

Simon Cowell is the latest media mogul to join twitter, following in the footsteps of TV personalities such as Piers Morgan and Alan Sugar.

Cowell has been at the forefront of reality shows for the past few years, and with the global popularity of The X Factor, Cowell has a legacy few can match. However until now, the mogul had not dared to venture online and begin a career in ‘tweeting’. That has finally happened, and this will surely be a new era of entertainment in the 'online world.'

CNN host Piers Morgan has taken his passion for journalism and stories to twitter, often using it to drum up support on a specific issue, prod his rivals, or just provide some hilarious entertainment.

Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell First tweet

Will Simon Cowell show a great sense of humour? Will he allow contestants to vote via twitter, or even approach him through tweets? Could Cowell really be revealing his inner most desires to his fans? As of now Cowell is close to 10,000 fans, and has a long way to go to beat pal Piers Morgan, standing at close to 1.5 million followers. I can't wait for for this duel.

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