Simon Cowell is back

Hey readers, it’s Ceej here again with some news on the latest and greatest in music entertainment! For those of you who keep up with reality television, you probably remember Simon Cowell from his nearly decade-long presence on the famous show, ‘American Idol’. Since leaving the show, he has revamped a show of his own, taking with him another old American Idol judge, major dance diva extraordinaire, Ms. Paula Abdul. His new show X Factor has created some major buzz due to its talented contestants. Cowell has managed to turn the contestants into actual music artists within a short amount of time. The contestants are complete with full makeovers, a distinct style and groups who have been placed together, blend visually and vocally as if they have been singing together for years! Their ages range from a mere 13 to a wise 59.

You may be wondering how this show is different from American Idol. Well, the show is complete with backup dancers for each performance. There is a wider age range, and the stage and editing of the show is more aesthetically modern and pleasing. Each of the four judges are set to mentor four categories separated by age, size and gender, and also unlike AI, the X Factor contains groups rather than just solo artists. This general set up may not come as a surprise to those from Europe, where the show was first developed and launched, skyrocketing the career of artists like Leona Lewis, Cheryl Cole, and One Direction.

As the fresh new faces of the X Factor learn to navigate the music business, they will soon learn how to manage being in a recording studio. So, here’s some of my recent studio footage below. I hope you enjoy!

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