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Should the film industry stop photoshopping jennifer Lawrence too?


Has flare Magazine gone too far?

A GIF image recently exposed how Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence was photoshopped for the front cover of Flare Magazine and started a furious debate about whether the practice should continue.

Critics argue that the photo editing was unnecessary as the actress was already beautiful enough. However, with most promotional images still being edited for magazine covers and movie posters, is it realistic to ask them to stop?

Here are some edited image examples:

Jennifer Lawrence photoshopped for 'The Hunger Games' A promo still with Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence in 'American Hustle'

The fashion industry may rely heavily on photo-editing to enhance their covers and features, but so does the film industry. Every poster you see of Jennifer Lawrence has been edited. The only non-photoshopped images tend to be screen grabs from her movies. But, even though screengrabs aren't edited as photos, you could argue they have been manipulated by the film's color grading and SFX enhancements. Flare Magazine may have gone a little too far in 'enhancing' Jennifer Lawrence, but it's not out of the ordinary. Although, in this example it doesn't add any dimension of beauty to her complexion. What do you think?

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