Should Ja Rule, Dr Dre and 50 Cent now collaborate?

After calling a truce with 50 Cent, Ja Rule is about to start a 2 year prison sentence for illegal gun possession. Is it time 50 Cent and Ja Rule teamed up with Dr Dre for a collaboration?

Rumours suggest that a 50 Cent and a Dr Dre track is on the way this weekend but the ‘Detox’ album has been delayed indefinitely.

After years of beefs with several major artists including DMX, Eminem and Dr Dre, Ja Rule may be hitting the reset switch for good. Does this give him time to reflect during his 2-year sentence on how to bring his game back to what is was?

Some of Ja Rule’s classic musical collaborations include songs with Ashanti and R Kelly and Nas.

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