Should I do a degree in film studies or go to film school?

Film schools and universities offer a variety of film and media studies but making a choice between the two can be difficult especially if you are unsure about which one is more suited to you.

Film schools offer more specialized diplomas and degree courses that allow you to learn the technical and creative aspects of filmmaking. They also teach students about how the industry works from pre-production to distribution. Courses can be divided into subjects targeting the specific profession you want to specialize in such as a director of photography or screenwriter.

University courses in the UK are usually broader and incorporate more theory than practical. Film studies at university tend to be geared towards people who want to pursue a career as a film critic or journalist.

As the film industry is very competitive having the right connections and good skills are essential. Film school in this case would be the right choice to make if you are determined to work as a professional in the industry. However, if you are more focused towards writing but still want to have an avenue into the film industry, a university degree is also a good option. University graduates can also choose to pursue specialized courses such as a masters degree or film diploma if they want to get additional education in the practical arena of filmmaking.

Best of luck to you all!

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