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Should hollywood and Bollywood embrace short films?


Embracing Short Films

With billions of potential viewers, free uploading and a massive choice for exposing content online, should big actors consider acting in short films?

A short film remains a viable 'entry' into the film business for up and coming directors, where festivals play the part in exposing the true genius of the undiscovered 'Spielberg' but what about the rest of the film industry?

Yes short films are difficult to market as they contain stories too brief for audiences to delve into a memorable character, but with the internet playing a key role in the revival of short form content, surely the rich and famous might find this interesting?

Lady Gaga has enlightened a billion viewers on youtube with her crazy videos, most under 5 minutes in length, showing how powerful music videos can be. Even short films like 'Ataque de Panico', a low budget 'robots against the world' epic have attained millions of viewers in a few short days. Its the virility of this short form content that is very interesting particularly as production costs to make a short film are so much lower than a feature.

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How to take advantage of short form content? That is up to hollywood to decide, but  major actors are missing out on a huge piece of the action by shunning the 21st century's most in demand format.

One thing to watch out for will be how Hollywood and Bollywood embrace the short form market, either by using this kind of content to promote movies, create new kinds of films or just innovate trailers like never before.

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