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Short ‘Rebloom’ wins 48 hour film challenge at Filmfest Bremen


Short film ‘Rebloom’ has managed to take the top prize at this year’s Filmfest Bremen, securing Best Film after competing in the 48-hour film challenge.

Directed by Simon Meyer and produced by Salli Martin, ‘Rebloom’ was filmed and edited in just 2 days as part of a contest among a selection of filmmakers for this year’s event.

It goes without saying that producing a short film within 48 hours from scratch is considerable challenge for any production company, however this year’s competition brought out the best in filmmaking talent.

‘Rebloom’ was produced with two production teams at a distance, in Flensburg and Berlin, Germany. Thanks to the support of Panamono, the filmmakers were able to shoot and edit their film in time for the strict 48-hour deadline. Part of the challenge involved creating a compelling short narrative that could capture audiences and create intrigue.

Rebloom short film

Incorporating sound design, cinematography, soundtrack composition and compelling performances from its cast, ‘Rebloom’ managed to edge the competition and create an interesting short story.

This year’s entries were reviewed by a Jury and online voting took place in April to determine the best films that were submitted. 

‘Rebloom’ was written by Simon Meyer and Salli Martin. Simon Meyer also directed the short which starred Nora Jensen, Sabine Heinen, Sven Stephani and Alex Friedland as the narrator.

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