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Short films need better video marketing


Sounds ironic right? Videos to promote a video? Well, it may appear silly but actually this is something that is being overlooked by many who are shooting even high end short film productions.

It’s an exceptional achievement to complete a short film that tells a powerful story and gives audiences a message that moves them to action. But, what is often lacking in the filmmaker’s mind is video marketing. It sounds dull, and not creative, but video marketing can connect your audience to your film in ways you could never have imagined.

Big budget productions always rely on a variety of videos to promote their films. Even film premieres that are promoting their film, are then promoted in videos released online. This creates buzz and anticipation for your film because people are going to see it.

Why not take a look at video marketing and see what kind of short video content you can create around your short film to promote it to audiences. It’s all part of the process, and you can really build emotional connections to your audience by doing so. Take a look at what the big studios are doing, and do it on a smaller scale. It’s far better to have 1 successful short, than 15 shorts we have never heard of.

Check out this video Marketing guide to help you with your videos.

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