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Short filmmaking to go viral

Short filmmakers

LONDON, UK - Short filmmakers often struggle to get their films seen at film festivals and on TV but as viral marketing becomes a must-have for brands, companies and individuals, short films will become the tool to accessing hundreds of millions of people surfing the web.

Youtube, dailymotion, vimeo and many other video networks provide a free resource to push out videos of all kinds, and now short filmmakers can become the next marketing accessory for companies in the film industry and elsewhere.

Many viral videos with millions of views were shot on low budgets in homes and garages on a mini DV camera and this very phenomenon proves that unique concepts and situations can captivate audiences across continents. However, the-know how on making a video viral is another thing. You wont find a free resource online that happily tells you the secret of making a video that will get millions of hits.

The most famous and successful viral video of all time was made even before the youtube era: The star wars kid. Today the video has been seen over 900 million times according to The Viral factory. The same cost to advertise a product or brand to nearly a billion viewers is unthinkable.

Brands and companies will look more to short filmmakers in the future who understand how to make compelling content that reach a large audience. A change in digital technology also means that HD is becoming affordable for middle-income earners, and younger people can get their hands on cheaper HD cameras. The quality of online content is also going up, and so is the technology. As the youtube era is only 5 years in the making, the market is still adapting to the changes, and the advertising industry will never be the same again.

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