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Copyright © Avgousta Zourelidi (Laika)

Short filmmakers reviewed

From London to New Zealand, these short filmmakers are pushing the boundaries of film and are set to become the next big talents in the film industry over the coming years.

Often short filmmakers do not get the kind of recognition needed to propel them in their careers but it is these small projects that show the true ability of an up and coming director.

Shahir Daud, a New Zealand filmmaker, directed Double Happy , which has been accepted at two international festivals: The HOF (Home of Film) International Film Festival in Germany, and at the Montreal International Film Festival in Canada. He has managed to gather a large online following with millions of views on his youtube channel, and was recently featured in the New Zealand Herald.

Another up and coming director is NFTS graduate Avgousta Zourelidi, who helmed the short animation film Laika , about the first dog in space. The animation is thoroughly well conceived and creates a vivid atmosphere with some superb visuals and light-hearted humor. It won praise at the Shanghai International Film Festival and has subsequently screened at the Kork International Animation festival in Russia and the prestigious Stuttgart Animation Festival in Germany.

Vicky Mather, who we interviewed earlier in the year, went on to win the Norman McClaren animation award at the Edinburgh Film Festival for her highly imaginative animation film Stanley Pickle . She flew to Hollywood recently to promote her film at the LA Shorts festival, which subsequently won the Best Experimental Short Film . Judges included actor Tom Arnold and highly acclaimed producer Paula Wagner (Mission Impossible movies).

For those in the music industry, watch out for MET film school graduate Bivas Ambasada, with his new short film His story, based around the reflections of people s realities that is being submitted to festivals at the moment. He recently completed a music video with London rappers Luc Skyz and Jedi, with co-director Steven Bakewell to the soundtrack of his short film. Ambasada has the determination and artistic talent to propel his films and music videos and will be closely watched by music labels for his creative ability.

Up and coming filmmakers can also get an insight into the creative minds of BAFTA winner Martina Amati, director of 'I do Air' and the Oscar winning directing trio behind the highly admired Logorama on the Film Industry Network.

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