Short Film to reveal Whoopi Goldberg, George Lucas teachings

The UK Film Centre is hosting a special screening today to showcase the journey of several young filmmakers who have learned inspiring techniques from the likes of Whoopi Goldberg and George Lucas.

The British non-profit initiative entitled ‘Films Without Borders’ brought together several young filmmakers from Palestine, Rwanda and Israel. From the experiences they have garnered working with the Hollywood greats, they have made a short film entitled: ‘Things I learnt From Whoopi’ which will get its Cannes premiere followed by a Q and A.

Such initiatives provide valuable life experiences to the next generation of talent and this screening will give an insight of their journey for those attending the festival.

The Films Without Borders organization is endorsed by top film industry figures including Sir David Frost, Sir Roger Moore and Star Wars creator George Lucas.

For more information:

Film Screening between 3-4pm May 18th
Q and A with Omri Bezalel, Pierre Katiyana, and Ismail Al Qaisie

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