Short film – The Two Towers of Dubai

Short film - Philip Bloom

Abraj - The Two Towers of Dubai is a short film that shows Dubai’s most iconic towers in a stunning timelapse sequence. Shot and edited by UK cinematographer Philip Bloom, this short film captures the beauty of Dubai’s skyrise and fast expanding economic power.

It features a breathtaking timelapse of two of Dubai’s most famous buildings, including the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building (at the time of writing).

Bloom’s video juxtaposes both day and night in the city with a choice of beautiful frames. Using 5 DSLR cameras, Bloom took his camera kit on a tour of the city, choosing top locations to frame his shots, and then set up his cameras to shoot round the clock. The result is quite stunning, and filmmakers can learn a great deal from this video.

Website: Philip Bloom

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