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Short film ‘Missing a Note’ to screen at the London Transport Museum’s Cubic Theatre


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Following its theatrical release in the U.K., ‘Missing a Note’ will be screened at the London Transport Museum’s Cubic Theatre on Wednesday night alongside award-winning short ‘Sylvia’ with film industry guests in attendance.

Both films have received critical acclaim this year with ‘Missing a Note’ securing a limited theatrical release alongside the movie adaptation for ‘Downton Abbey’, playing at Everyman Cinemas in the U.K. 'Missing a Note' also had a short theatrical run in Los Angeles this year.

As award season approaches, both films have been making waves at film festivals across the U.K. ‘Sylvia’, directed by Richard Prendergast recently won the Audience Award for Best Narrative at the Pittsburgh Shorts Film Festival. ‘Missing a Note’ also received an award at the Birmingham Film Festival for 'Best Young Female Actress', which went to the film’s lead, Darcy Jacobs, for her performance.

Director Beth Moran said, “I’m very much looking forward to tomorrow’s screening of 'Missing a Note' alongside another wonderful short film ‘Sylvia’. After showing ‘Missing a Note' at Birmingham Film Festival where Darcy Jacobs won Best Young Actress, I’m so excited for more people to see Darcy’s and the rest of the cast’s performances. The film has been very well-received so far at film festivals across the UK and I’m just so happy people are enjoying it.”

Missing a Note Trailer

‘Missing a Note’ tells a charming story of young, aspiring singer Molly (played by Darcy Jacobs) who gets the chance to perform before a legendary retired opera singer. Unfortunately his diminishing memory means Molly is in for some unexpected surprises along the way.

The film has been raising awareness of dementia, and how the condition affects people, not just in their old age, but loved ones, friends and family as well. Since the short film’s release, it has managed to captivate audiences, and educated people about dementia, and the important work of organisations such as Dementia Matters, that provide specialist care for sufferers.

And in another big win for the short, funding for dementia care and research has been put high on the agenda during the upcoming election, with the U.K. government announcing it would substantially increase funding by £1.6 billion if reelected. The election pledge was welcomed by organisations attempting to find a cure for the condition.

‘Missing a Note’ and ‘Sylvia' will be played on Wednesday night in London with film industry guests, producers, and several members of the cast of each film attending. There will also be a Q&A session following the screenings with the directors and producers of the two films.

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