Making a Short Film Can kickstart Your Career

Having your own short film is one way to break into the film industry if you stick to several good principals. The nature of the web allows us to market and promote our short films to a huge audience with tools readily available to us. By using the influence of the web, a short filmmaker can get their creative thinking cap on and attract literally millions of views. So what does a short film have to have?

Researching the web's best short films is your first starting point. What makes audiences tick? What videos get the most views and why? Doing this first will give you a feel for the quality of shorts, and what the engagement is like.

Then you need to sit back and decide on how to make a high quality movie that starts with a good script, or outline, as your blueprint. Depending on where you want to go in your career you can choose to create a short animation, a mini-story (usually around 7-10 minutes is good) or create a concept for a feature with some super-cool effects.

To give you a helping hand check out my feature on Stanley Pickle, a short film that has won over 25 international film festivals. Making short films can be very rewarding and there are plenty of how-tos out there to give you guidance. This is also a good tutorial for you to being with to help you shoot your film:

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