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There are many film websites out there covering a wide range of topics from movie reviews to celebrity gossip but there's one particular blog you may not have heard of that you should definitely check out.
short of the week
Short films are often the starting point for any film director in the business as it reveals their creative style and ability to bring a team together. Also for actors a short film gives them that valuable experience to propel their onscreen careers. Once screened at a film festival or showcased online, that short film can turn into a career making tool that brings big rewards for those behind it.

Shortoftheweek is one such blog that focuses on short films produced with innovative stories and high quality production values. We have seen some excellent features over there, and recommend you check it out to get more info on some of the brightest talent in the film industry. They also feature some case studies and useful educational tools which are a very helpful if you want to learn some insights of the process of filmmaking.

Check out their website :

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