Short animation film – Address is Approximate

Short animation film - Tom Jenkins

Ever let your mind wander whilst at work? Do you dream of traveling to a far off place without ever leaving the confinements of the office? This stop motion animation film, directed by Tom Jenkins takes the concept of Google’s street view functionality in maps, and turns it into an epic, animated adventure.

The short animation film tells the story of a group of lonely office toys that decide to go on a road trip In America, coast to coast using Google maps. When the last employee leaves, the toys come out of hiding (including a toy car) and start a long road trip. The office becomes alive, the lights move, the plant pots wiz by, as if driving down a long road. The short animation film also includes a cinematic orchestra soundtrack and it’s a thrill ride for anyone who loves to let his or her imagination run wild.

UK Film production company behind this animation: Theory Films

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