Short animation about disabled puppy gets filmmakers jobs at Pixar & Disney

With over 180 festival screenings and 59 awards, this short animation landed 2 film students dream jobs at Hollywood’s top animation studios.

“The Present,” a short animation about a young boy who gets a disabled puppy as a surprise gift became a favorite on the festival circuit, garnering no fewer than 59 awards from Best Animated Short at the California International Shorts Festival to Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking at the Newport Beach Film Festival.

At just over 4 minutes in length, the impressive and heartwarming short animation is based on a comic strip by Fabio Coala, a Brazilian artist. It was selected by Vimeo as one of the top videos on the platform and has gained over 10 million views with 19200 likes.

The present

The film was a graduation project made in 2014 at the Institute of Animation in Ludwigsburg, Germany. The film's director, Jacob Frey, was hired by Disney and now works in San Francisco as a Character Animator. Markus Kranzler, who worked on the short, also became a Technical Director at Pixar Animation Studios following its international success.

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