Shia LaBeouf fight damages credibility

Transformers star Shia LaBeouf got into a fight over the weekend according to a report on RadarOnline with a shirtless man.

The actor turned superhero, went from very cool, to just a guy getting into a punch up after drinking too much at a bar in Vancouver. Well, this is not exactly what LaBeouf probably had in mind when he go there, but according to several witnesses in the report, he wasn't just fighting one person. In fact, it was clear that he had been drinking a lot, and several people were involved. The fight then broke out into the street, with the shirtless man who punched the actor repeatedly in the head.

Is this LaBeouf's 'Christian Bale tirade' or 'Mel Gibson tape rant' moment or just another punch-up to add to his string of public brawls, which started in February? Let's hope it doesn't continue. It would be a shame if this kind of behaviour got out of hand and started to make headlines first, before he promotes his upcoming movies.

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