Shia LaBeouf arrested at a Broadway show

Actor Shia LaBeouf has been arrested at a Cabaret show in New York and is reported to have been in tears while he was handcuffed.

According to THR, LaBeouf has been charged with disorderly conduct at Studio 54, while a witness revealed that 6 police officers had taken part in the arrest.

The troubled star parted ways with Michael Bay at the end of Transformers 3, and in the past year, has remained in the media spotlight for his self-proclaimed 'performance art' where he appeared in Berlin with a paper bag on his head, and went on an apology marathon after plagiarising a short film.

LaBeouf was shouting at the Cabaret performance last night and had refused to leave after security guards had asked him to go outside. LaBeouf was then taken to jail to spend the night and will face a court appearance.

It is not clear whether the actor had been intoxicated during the performance, but a separate, unconfirmed report in Hollywood Life suggests the actor was smoking a marijuana joint while he was watching the performance.

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