Shakira turns up the heat in Rabiosa music video

Shakira's newest, and hottest music video of the year so far: 'Rabiosa', is making a huge impact on the web as it approaches 4 million views in just 48 hours.

In Rabiosa, Shakira changes from the Blonde beauty we are used to seeing, into a Brunette Diva. Throughout the video, she pole dances, her hair changes colour and crowds lift her into the air.

That may not sound like the most 'inspiring' of storylines for a music video, but we are looking at an even younger Shakira who just wants to have fun. Is she trying to turn back the clock?

At just 2 minutes 51 seconds, the song is commercially short, but delivers a party atmosphere you will enjoy.

tweeted earlier :

"Wow, the Rabiosa video is on almost 4m views - less than 48 hours after it was posted! Did you watch it yet?

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