Sexy Russian spy to be next James Bond girl?

MOSCOW, Russia - The Russian version of Maxim magazine has released some sexy new photos of indicted spy Anna Chapman, now a national celebrity.

As photos were leaked online earlier, the Russian Maxim site crashed with the overwhelming demand to see the exclusive pictures. The discovery of the 'sexy film' femme fatale undercover in the US and subsequent deportation has become a modern day spy tale fit for a James Bond movie. Fans of the franchise will remember From Russia With Love , starring Sean Connery opposite a beautiful and undercover Russian beauty working for Spectre played by Daniela Bianchi, who was ironically Italian. A modern day Bond could count on a real sexy, and authentic Russian beauty; Anna Chapman, who has some real life experience as a field agent.

At the time of Anna Chapman's deportation, news outlets were racing to find information regarding her whereabouts, and the spy reappeared on social networks, with revealing pictures scattered across the web. Speaking about the spy swap, Jay Leno asked American Vice President Joe Biden, Do we have any spies that hot? in which Biden replied, Let me make it clear, it wasn't my idea to send her back.

Two of Chapman's favourite activities was to go clubbing in downtown Manhattan whilst attempting to make a small fortune through some lucrative business connections amongst New York's rich and famous. Whether any of that is true is purely speculation, but her internet fame continues to fascinate people who are wondering how many Anna Chapman's there are sending secret messages back to HQ?

Whilst Hollywood studios MGM files for chapter 11 bankruptcy to restructure their huge debts and Bond fans eagerly await to see their favourite onscreen spy return, perhaps this time, we can consider a real life spy cameo?

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