Opening night with the colours of Japan


The second Parisian edition of the Sexy International Paris Film Festival (SIPFF) will roll out the pink carpet to Japan with Pink Eiga being honoured at the opening night celebrations of the Festival on June 24th 2010. 

There will be exclusive performances by "La Compagnie Ad Lib 1444" with the soirée organised around the theme "Japanese"!

Japan : Sexy "Pink Eiga" in Paris 2010

The festival will open with two classic Pink Eiga films, the masterpiece "The Lonely Cow Weeps at Dawn" (Les larmes d'une  vache) and the romantic comedy "Blind Love" (Amour  Aveugle), both directed by Daisuke Goto, one of the greatest writer/directors in the world of Pink Eiga. The French premier evening of Pink Eiga films will commence at 7pm in the Grande Salle "Henri Langlois" at the   Grand Action cinema, Paris. Along with the   special evening of Pink Eiga cinema, this sensual event will be lit up by thematic "Japanese inspired" performances AND audiences will be able to dress up "Japanese" with a prize given to the most worthy recipient of "Best Dressed". 

International Glamour !

The SEXY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (SIPFF) showcases exceptional short and feature films from across the world which explore love, sexuality, sensuality and relationships - without the X . The festival, which began in Melbourne, Australia will tour 2010 : New-York, Los Angeles as well as a "best of" screening in Paris! The SIPFF will award the Best Francophone short and Best International Short film prize by a jury made up of well respected artists in the film industry. 

Presented by Pink Eiga

The Sexy International Paris Film Festival takes place 24 - 27 June 2010 at the Grand Action Cinema and the Yono Bar, Paris.

Contact presse :
[email protected] Astruc
+33 6 12 34 42 89

Marion  M'Selam
+33 6 68 68 13 71
Cinéma Le Grand Action
5 rue des Ecoles
75005 Paris France
Metro : Cardinal Lemoine - Jussieu

Yono Bar

37 rue Vieille du Temple
75004 Paris France
Metro : Hotel de ville ou Saint-Paul
Contact :
[email protected] 
Directeur et créaateur du festival
Jason TurleyDirectrice du festival France
Natalie Vella


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