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This is how Seth Rogen reacted to North Korea

Seth Rogen decided to issue a public statement of his own after North Korea threatened 'merciless retaliation' to those behind 'The Interview'.

But thanks to North Korea's threats, the film has now been given an international marketing campaign worth millions of dollars for free.

With North Korea trending on social networks and people enjoying the mockery of Kim Jong-Un you can't help wonder whether Columbia Pictures feel threatened or relieved that the subject of their movie has given them such a big boost.

Despite the seriousness of the threats, the reaction has so far been dismissed as propaganda, but you can't help thinking how this might really be felt by those at the top of the North Korean Government.

The film is a total mockery of that totalitarian regime, and in a twist of fate, the publicity poster of the movie has somehow became fact, which shows North Korean tanks and the slogan "War will begin!" (Following North Korea's reaction today).

Let's just hope that North Korea doesn't actually deliver on their promises.

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