Selena Gomez on Elle - Sign of a new Hollywood starlet?

Selena Gomez has been a big Disney presence for the past few years, but her transition to fashion and film is taking a 'mature' step forward. Featuring on Elle Magazine's July covershoot, the 19 year old has certainly changed over the past couple of years with her new look turning heads.

Young Hollywood is more popular than ever before, and we are seeing the culture shift taking place as young stars get a bigger presence on magazines, radio shows, and online. With that in mind, Elle, being one of the fashion industry's top magazines, has made a bold statement by featuring her on the front cover. But, with Gomez's massive fan base and rise to popularity, it's only just the beginning.

We will see how things evolve for Selena in the years to come, but it looks like Hollywood's young starlet is just getting warmed up for a sensational career. Let's see what happens next.

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