Selena Gomez live chat today

Selena Gomez will chat live with her fans on youtube today to talk about her new album and her movie 'Monte Carlo' among other things. (scroll below for live chat details)

Selena Gomez

Released today, Selena Gomez and the Scene's 'When The Sun Goes Down' will be available online on itunes and Amazon. Ahead of today's webcast, Selena reached out to her fans to let them know that they could send her questions via twitter and Facebook.

Youtube is a great place for artists and filmmakers to discuss with fans, either with regular blog updates, or via a live feed. For Selena Gomez, this week is packed full of promotion, and her movie 'Monte Carlo' opens in theatres on July 1st.

Apart from her budding entertainment career and Disney history, the star is also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and regularly promotes the NGO with various charitable initiatives and PSAs.

Will you be watching Selena's new movie this coming week or catching a glimpse of her album?

Live Chat details

You can send your questions to Selena via — Or on Twitter by using the hashtag #heyselena.

Chat starts at 12.15pm EST (New York time)

Check out Gomez's new music video 'Love you Like A Love Song' which came out just a few days ago to promote the new album.

Love You Like A Love Song

Monte-Carlo Trailer

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