Selena Gomez biggest career moment - MTV EMA host

Selena Gomez MTV EMA

Selena Gomez has charmed young audiences with her music, an impressive onscreen career with Disney and now adds hosting to her resumé.

Well to be honest, you don't need a resumé when your name is Selena Gomez, but we just feel it's incredible to see young people succeed and become spokespersons for their industry. Whether the MTV EMAs will be as popular as the American show is unclear, but with Gomez and Lady Gaga amongst others attending, its clear it'll be a big music event.

However, even despite the career rise for Gomez, MTV's award ceremony is losing its edge as the network has shifted music video programming to reality shows. Will the MTV EMAs still be credible in the years to come?

Selena Gomez will host this year's EMA show in Belfast, Ireland which takes place on November 6th 2011.

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