Scout Willis joins filmmaker, Miley Cyrus in free nipples protest

Bruce Willis' daughter, Scout Willis, has rebelled on Instagram after uploading pictures of herself walking in the street with no bra.

The semi-nude 22-year-old posted several pictures which were subsequently banned from Instagram, and her account has since been suspended. Scout then went on Twitter to protest the censorship showing fans to #FreeTheNipple.

She also mentioned Rihanna in one of her Tweets who also had her account taken offline as she had been uploading "inappropriate images."

Scout joins the likes of Miley Cyrus who back in 2013 gave her support to the 'Free The Nipples' campaign, launched by filmmaker Lina Esco who has raised nearly $50,000 for her movie that will highlight a "real life revolution of topless women." The mission statement reads :

"By supporting, FREE THE NIPPLE you become part of the real life revolution. Together we can free our country from these backward censorship laws that force police to arrest women for breastfeeding their child in public or for being topless on a beach.  The goal of this campaign is to get the movie out to the world the way it was intended to be seen, and help inspire new laws to de-criminalize the "female nipple" in America."

This is not the first time Scout has courted controversy, as she has made previous public appearances wearing very visibly see-thru clothing. Will she set a trend for young Hollywood stars?

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