Scientists close to making films out of memories

Making a movie is not a simple task but when you think about what you are going to make, wouldn't it be great to have a visual storyboard without having to draw and write it down?

According to a report on Mashable about the recording of dreams, a group of UC Berkeley scientists have figured out how to interpret the visual stimuli in the brain and convert it to video.

If that doesn't blow your mind, then take a step back and think of the possibilities. Imagine you could 'imagine' your own movie and make it on a computer without ever moving a finger. It would change the entire film industry, and the way the world sees itself. Our minds have the ability to 'Think Big' but can technology be made for mass consumption that would replace the filmmaking tools we see today? It is highly unlikely, as going out and about in our world is how films are made and the way we shape our lives. But the very use of digital imagery through the power of thought is a major step forward, and could have educational as well as medical benefits in its early stages.

What kind of movie would you make in your mind?

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