Sci Fi geeks and filmmakers this is your chance!



Looking for fun and adventure? Then why not join in on what will be the largest collaboration of Sci Fi geeks and film makers in creating a 50’s style Science Fiction Serial?

Together we’re going to have fun while paying homage to old school science fiction as we gather together to build sets, make costumes and carry our childhood imaginations into adulthood!

We’re looking for everyone from your average Joe to professional film maker to get in on this as everyone is welcome.
This series will have a running theme about our “bad guy” (Emperor Zurg or Ming the Merciless type depending on your age) trying to take over the Universe while being thwarted by the “Space Rangers”.

Within that there will be numerous stories that will be directly and indirectly related to that theme giving freedom to produce a variety of different situations bringing back the old classics from discovering a new planet ruled by beautiful women, being invaded by aliens or even under sea kingdoms etc… all of which opens up a lot of writing opportunities.
Common threads will be the “Space Rangers” and our main Bad guy with his army of soldiers, mutants and robots. There will be a standardized uniforms for the “Space Rangers” as well as for the soldiers of our bad guy.

By setting things up the way we are it gives the most people the opportunity to be a part of this while allowing everyone to work out of their own areas and not have to travel as the various groups in the show will simply communicate through “Visiscreen” like receiving orders from HQ etc…

How things will be set up is by creating Branches in each city that will coordinate with other surrounding Branches in what will be called a Cluster. A cluster will be an area of a three hour driving radius from one center point. The Branches within that radius will work together in producing part of the series.

Each cluster will work to produce pieces of the series in combination with the whole as well as independently.
We’re going to be creating this Serial with the same techniques of the period. We’ll be building miniature sets and models, building our own sets and props, making costumes and even some homage to Ray Harryhausen with stop motion effects.
To help provide a more uniform look to the series as well as capture the look of the period all footage will be sent through a filter making it black and white with a grainy with the scratched up film look to it.

Everyone will need to help out with gathering up and donating materials for the cause. Look in your basements, attics, garages as well as to yard sales and discount centers like Good Will etc… for things that can be made into set pieces and props. Look at the picture library we’re making available for reference to what types of things that can be cannibalized for parts.

We need people of ALL ages, sizes and ethnicities – thin, muscular, overweight, amputees, dwarves, midgets, young to old etc… If you have a pulse and would like to be a part of this and are willing to help with the production of this series, you are welcome to be a part of this.

This is a great community project and would encourage hooking up with local colleges, Schools and community theaters.
This is all volunteer, so each Branch and Cluster will determine their own budget. This is something that may begin to generate funds at some point, but starting out is all in fun, so you can spend your weekends hanging out in bars and bowling or help build a Rocket Ship and save a planet from an alien invasion.

Want in? Find a Branch near you to get involved with –

- Kirk Johnson

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