Schwarzenegger to self-terminate from office, what next?

SACRAMENTO, USA - As the governor steps down in January, many are asking what Arnold will do next? Schwarzenegger's iconic 'Ill be back' line is now very much on the cards, but in what role?

In a recent online tweet chat, Schwarzenegger spoke about writing a book, making speeches and fighting against climate change, one of his major objectives during his time as Governor of California.

With a low approval rating, Arnie leaves a massive state deficit, a crisis in Hollywood and high unemployment, but despite all the difficulties the region faces, his movie appeal is stronger than ever.

'The Expendables', directed by Sylvester Stallone was the first outing for Arnie in 7 years, but fell far short of the massive expectations fans have of a comeback. The muscle bound Austrian Oak is one of the world's most beloved action heros, with his unique blend of wit, charisma and authentic accent. Schwarzenegger has succeeded where many have failed, becoming Mr Olympia, the world's biggest action star and now Governor of the 6th largest economy.

Meeting recently with buddy James Cameron, rumours have been circulating on a possible collaboration in a True Lies sequel but looks less likely as the director will be working on Avatar 2 and 3. The other possibility is a bigger role in 'The Expendables 2' however working with Cameron on a new movie is not ruled out, and it has been reported that the two will make an announcement soon

Another potential outlet for Schwarzenegger will be a garden view at the White House, overlooking the environmental issues facing America. Branded as a 'liberal Republican', Schwarzenegger is often at odds with the core values of his own party, and is married to Maria Shriver, a devout Democrat. An Obama administration could come to fruition as the actor has taken environmental issues to heart.

It is hard to know what direction he will take next, but whatever happens in January people will be eager to discover his next move, and wouldn't it be interesting to have the official Arnold Schwarzenegger biography?

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