Scandal: Yele Haiti Charity paid $30k to fly Lindsay Lohan

Wyclef Jean faces his biggest battle yet : To defend illegitimate payments through his charity for family, friends, luxury travel, offices, food and 'fees'. This includes dishing out on $24k in charitable donations for a car hire, and over $30k to fly Lindsay Lohan to a fundraiser.

According to several sources including Business Insider, The Hollywood Reporter and the BBC, the Yele Haiti Charity squandered exorbitant amounts of donations on highly inappropriate expenditures. One particular grey area was the thousands of dollars given to 'consultants' and a ghost company in Florida to the tune of $1 million. If that wasn't enough, after becoming a worldwide headline, the charity allegedly bought over $250,000 of TV air time on a station owned by Wyclef Jean himself.

The Yéle Haiti charity was supported by some of the film industry's biggest names including Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon. It had global support, it was seen as a legitimate NGO. Indeed it did raise millions, and 'some' of that money went to victims of the Haiti disaster, but now it's name is tarnished, and undermines all those who supported it. How will this affect future disasters? Should there be increased regulation over charities?

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