Sarah Palin documentary a prelude to her Presidential Bid?

Conservative filmmaker Stephen K Bannon has directed a 2 hour documentary on Sarah Palin, which has been viewed as a potential prelude to her presidential bid.

So far, Palin has not announced her intentions for the 2012 Presidential election, but the Republican and former Governor of Alaska is portrayed in a positive light in the feature length documentary film. Palin’s close aide, Rebecca Mansour, called upon Stephen K Bannon, who not only accepted to shoot the film, but also financed it himself costing an estimated $1 million.

According to an exclusive on realclearpolitics, the Sarah Palin film will be like a :

“galvanizing prelude to Palin's prospective presidential campaign -- an unconventional reintroduction to the nation that she and her political team have spent months eagerly anticipating, even as Beltway Republicans have largely concluded that she won't run.”

The pro Palin documentary will provide a strong contrast to the damaging book released by her ex aide entitled ‘Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin: A Memoir of our Tumultuous Years.’ Written by Frank Bailey, the book uncovers his history with her from the 2006 Gubernatorial campaign through her failed bid to become Vice President in 2008.

CNN reported that Bailey felt :

“Her leadership style was absolutely chaotic."

Whether you are for or against Sarah Palin, both the book and the movie provide two conservative view points of her, but with a very different approach to her character. Which one will you to take to heart?

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