Sarah Lane says Natalie Portman only did 5% of the work on Black Swan

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Ballet dancer Sarah Lane has revealed that on the released version of Black Swan, her work was part of a 'cover up' as Natalie Portman took the spotlight for her moves.

Natalie Portman won the Oscar for 'Black Swan' but it would appear her dancing routine was only used in 5% of the movie, and that the rest of it was Sarah Lane.

While we can't comment on whether Sarah Lane is accurately revealing this story, Natalie Portman would not have been able to do all the complicated dance routines.

Understandably this comes as quite a distress to the team behind the 'Black Swan' as the revelation could undermine the public's faith in the movie, and that of Natalie Portman.

Was Sarah Lane meant to feature in a bigger role in this movie, and should Natalie Portman have been promoted as having done 95% of the stunt work?

The full story is available via EW

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