Sandra Bullock at the top of her game

 © HFPA Golden Globe Awards

© HFPA Golden Globe Awards

LOS ANGELES Hollywood Actress Sandra Bullock has had a spectacular year, and continues to earn movies big box office dollars as we await the Golden Globes.

Ranked the highest earning actor in Hollywood in 2009 according to, Sandra has made a spectacular comeback with a diverse range of roles in films including The Proposal and The Blind Side . Her Golden Globe nomination for best performance in The Blind Side has sealed her comeback.

From starring in action blockbusters like Speed and Demolition Man in the early 90s to portraying Jean Cabot in three time Oscar winning drama Crash in 2004, Bullock has enlightened us with a vast range of performances yet has struggled in past years to establish herself as a top-tier actress.

With a new decade underway, we can only anticipate her career to continue to flourish. Good luck Sandra!


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