Sacha Baron Cohen ‘destroys’ Oscars in new Dictator video

Sacha Baron Cohen has just released a video statement condemning his Oscar ban and threatening “unimaginable consequences” if his tickets are not returned by 12pm this Sunday.

The video features Cohen posing as Admiral General Aladeen of The Republic of Wadiya. His character’s ‘barrage’ of anti-western sentiment towards the Oscars is very satirical but may offend the Academy. One year on from the Arab Spring, the Middle East is still the focus of the world, with the conflict in Syria and continued pressure on Iran's alleged secret Nuclear Weapons program.

Cohen’s character, Admiral General Aladeen, includes some of the qualities we have seen in past dictators such as Colonel Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein.

Sacha Baron Cohen vs The Academy of 'Zionists'

“Good Morning Great Satan of America…I am outraged from being banned from the Oscars…”

“I warn you, that if you do not lift your sanctions…you will face unimaginable consequences”

“Further more it is an act of aggression

“Death to the west, death to America, and good luck Billy Crystal.”

Cohen’s latest picture, ‘The Dictator’ will be released later this year. Is this perhaps the best timed publicity stunt we've ever seen?

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