Russell Crowe rescued by U.S Coast Guard

Russell Crowe rescued by U.S Coast Guard Saturday 1st September

Actor Russell Crowe gets into trouble

'Gladiator' actor Russell Crowe got lost when he went kayaking around Long Island with a friend and had to catch a ride with the U.S Coast Guard to get back to the harbor.

Having set off from Cold Spring Harbor, the actor and a close friend were enjoying their afternoon on Saturday when they got lost as the night set in. They managed to drift 10 miles off course and ended up beaching their kayaks in Huntington Bay, according to WSJ.

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The actor then managed to catch the attention of the U.S Coast Guard that happened to be patrolling the area around 10pm. The two hitched a ride with the patrol boat and were able to get back to Huntington Harbor.

With the successful 'rescue', the actor thanked the team via Twitter.


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