Rusko Takes Over Trees! (Dallas,TX)

Dubstep artist Rusko @ Trees in Dallas,TX.

It's safe to say that the UK's premiere dubstep producer and DJ, Rusko, has officially secured the top spot in Dallas' music scene. When he came to the Lizard Lounge this past December, the club was packed with dubstep enthusiasts, eagerly awaiting his appearance on stage. The show was outstanding, as Rusko's incredible energy is essential to his live sets. This man definitely knows what the crowd wants, and has no problem providing it time and time again. This is one of the main reasons why his return to Dallas was so anticipated by, well, everyone.

Trees music venue,located in Dallas,TX.

Trees has been a legacy in Deep Ellum for years now. One of the last sweet spots of the area, it was often favored the most out of Dallas' live music venues. After going through a decline in new acts, Trees was able to redeem itself when Rusko hit the stage on March 30. The entire club was shaking with the wobbly bass lines that define the genre of dubstep. The floor was covered with enthusiastic dubsteppers, screaming the DJs name in hopes that he would grace them with their presence at that instant.

As I walked through the crowd before the show started, I caught onto strands of     everyone's conversations. Mostly everyone was excited to just meet the person next to them. The   love of dubstep was bringing together all different kinds of people, and the excitement that was in the   air was almost too much to handle. Dallas' own Dub Assembly was manning the decks beforehand, with local act Royal Highnuss spinning his own tracks as well as throwing in a few remixes to   keep the crowd pumped. But as soon as Christopher Mercer hit the stage with his undeniable energy, the crowd cheered in unison. It was the moment Dallas had been holding its breath for since December.

....He didn't disappoint. Blasting tunes from his new album O.M.G., every fan mimicked the movements that went along with the different beats that rang out from the stage. Taking a quick break from the show, I walked up the stairs to reach the second floor of the venue and made conversation while waiting for the bathroom. The girl I was talking to, Nina, was gushing with amazement. "He's so great. Everything he touches is like gold! I just can't believe he's real." Those words stayed in my head all night, as I watched Rusko do what he was best at; wowing the crowd. He had every person in the room hooked, praising him as a Dubstep God.

Or maybe he's just damn good at what he does. Either way, Rusko isn't going anywhere any time soon. With an upcoming collaboration with pop diva Britney Spears in the works, it looks like he's made a permanent fixture for those filthy basslines to remain in our lives; Dub is here to stay.

-Tai Carpenter, Compose Yourself

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