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Rowan Atkinson wins praise for Olympics 'Mr Bean' humour

It was an unforgettable night for Rowan Atkinson as he took the centre stage at the 2012 Olympics London opener.

In his iconic role of 'Mr Bean', Rowan Atkinson took his humour up a gear as he sat down to play one key during the "Chariots of Fire" symphony. It was something no one expected. It was so whacky and out-of-place it worked so well. As he kept his finger on the keyboard, he then tried to reach into a bag behind him, using an umbrella to keep the key tapping in motion.

We were then treated to a hilarious cut scene where we get to see Bean's dreams. Viewers got to see Bean running along a beach with atheletes, running out of steam, and then cheating to come in first place.

The night was a spectacular showcase of British talent from cut scenes of James Bond, to acrobatic skydiving of the Queen (if only it was actually her) and a huge music and fireworks spectacle.

Hands down, it will be remembered as Britain's finest live 'media performance'.

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