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Romnesia : The best digital media campaign of the year?

In the past few hours "Romnesia" has taken its hold on social media after President Obama told a crowd of excited women about the 'disease'.

What is 'Romnesia'? Obama coined the term at a rally in Virginia to describe the mixed messages and constant revisions of Mitt Romney's position on political issues. The video of that rally has gone viral, attaining more than 100,000 views on the official Obama campaign channel alone.

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The new term is a clever jab at Mitt Romney, but more importantly, it''s created a conversation around a fairly simple, yet funny expression. In the 4-minute recording of the speech, you will see how Obama describes the symptoms of 'Romnesia', and how it can be cured. It's a funny gimmick that lets people play with the term, whilst building up non-stop coverage for the Obama campaign.

Obama: He's suffering from Romnesia


From a digital marketing perspective, this single video has far more impact on voters than any individual commercial because it conveys a real-life situation with a funny moment that's got appeal. There is no pre-defined script (although Obama probably had some ideas before he started). It's raw, the people are there in the moment, and there's no drum-roll, fancy story or speech spreading the same message. You get to see Obama for who he is, and people are enjoying it.

Moreover, Romnesia.com and all other top-level domains were bought soon after the speech went viral.

A surge in 'Romnesia' related topics continues to spread via Twitter and Facebook. Countless news agencies have also weighed in on the term. This has got to be one of the best digital media campaigns of the year. However, will its message convince voters to choose Obama over Romney?

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