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Roland Emmerich to blow up the earth on a low budget film?

Independence-day-roland-emmerichIt was recently revealed that Independence Day director Roland Emmerich is planning to shoot a low budget 'Cloverfield' style movie for under $5 million budget.

Fans of Independence Day will remember all to clear the epic explosions, alien battles between the US airforce and the haunting destruction of the White House. The film, starring Will Smith was a huge success and catapulted his movie making to new heights.

The new project, titled 'The Zone' is set to be bought by Sony in a negative pick up deal, which will give the director some room to experiment in a low budget, the first time in nearly 15 years the director hasn't relied on a massive blockbuster budget.

Emmerich's last outing in 2012 was one of the most epic and complicated movies to pull off from a visual effects point of view. The director has consistently pushed the limits of technology and believability giving him a unique quality that many will find interesting on this particular project. How will the film get an Emmerich treatment without the destruction of the world using 3D special effects?

'The Zone' will feature unknown actors, and hand held footage, in the style of the successful 'Cloverfield' movie. The script, written by Guillaume Tunzini will begin shooting this November.

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