Robert Plant tears $800 million Led Zeppelin contract to pieces

Robert Plant has shocked the entertainment industry by ripping up a contract reportedly worth $800 million to bring back Led Zeppelin on a reunion tour.

The shock move comes as Richard Branson, a lifelong fan, tried to persuade Plant to make a comeback. Other members of the band signed up without a fuss, and the tour would have included 35 concert performances.

Branson then tried to convince Plant again to think about his decision but he had made up his mind and there was no turning back. Even the band members (Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham) were trying to give Plant perspective, and get him to agree to do it but he wasn't keen.

Fox News reports that the contract was ripped up in front of the promoters who were stunned by his decision.

The band members even had the opportunity to share profits on a lucrative merchandising deal, and additional tour dates at 5 other venues according to The Mirror. This might just be the biggest ever contract in the history of the music industry that was refused.

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