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Rob Lowe movie grosses a mere $2019 at the US Box Office


Rob Lowe's box office miss?

It was released for just 7 days, but 'Knife Fight' starring Rob Lowe and Matrix actress Carrie-Anne Moss has only grossed $2019 in 2 theatres since its release.

Opening on the 25th January this year, the movie drama never got past 1 week at the box office in just two cinemas. We also never even heard about it, so what happened here guys? Rob Lowe is not exactly a D-list star and Carrie-Anne Moss certainly had a cool career off the back of the Matrix trilogy.

If we do the math, and divide the full gross of 'Knife Party' which comes to $2019, by the average movie ticket price ($8) then we get 252 tickets. So between these two theatres, they may have averaged $1008 each. Now, if the release was over a full 7 days, that means that only 18 people a day went to see this movie in each theatre.

For a single short film screening, 252 people would be a great attendance, but when you have stars, in a feature length movie at the box office, with a gross this low, it raises questions. Was the budget of this movie $0? Was it a passion project to do on the side, or did this really fail?

Just to give you some context, Rob Lowe was reportedly paid $100,000 an episode of 'West Wing' before he quit. He's certainly not giving producers on this movie value for money.

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