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Rising Star Darcy Jacobs to be cast in new short film 'Eve Groves'

© Fact Not Fiction Films

Following on from the success of their award-winning short film ‘Missing a Note’ directed by Beth Moran and starring Ian McElhinney and Elaine Paige, Fact Not Fiction Films have announced their latest short film production ‘Eve Groves’.

The new film sees a young girl, Eve Groves, played by Darcy Jacobs, discover the realities of the world she lives in.

Speaking with Film Industry Network about the new production, producer Tristan Loraine said, “Fact Not Fiction Films exists to help raise awareness of important public issues. ‘Eve Groves’ is a film that will make us all ask questions about humanity and the world we live in. We are delighted to work with Darcy again. She is a remarkable young actress who will become a big name in film.”

Actress Darcy Jacobs, represented by Sarah MacDonnell of Ardent Talent, won the coveted Best Young Actress Award at the 2019 Birmingham Film Festival for her part in 'Missing a Note’. The short film was theatrically released in the U.K. and the U.S. It was also submitted to the 2020 Academy Awards.

The film will also see actress Romina Hytten play alongside Darcy Jacobs. Romina started her film career in Fact Not Fiction Films’ feature ‘A Dark Reflection’ when she was just 16. Romina will play the role of Joanna Groves, Eve’s sister.

The short is scheduled to commence filming later this year in the market town of Horsham, West Sussex, where Fact Not Fiction Films is headquartered.

To find out more about ‘Eve Groves’, visit the Fact Not Fiction Films' website or follow the latest updates on Facebook. A crowdfunding campaign for the film is also set to begin next month.

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