Rihanna Vevo account hacked?

Rihanna's 'California King Bed' music video seems to have been taken off youtube, or made unavailable tonight despite 75 million views with a strange alternative title in it's place.

When you click on the video the title is displayed "リアーナ - カリフォルニア・キング・ベッド". Is that Chinese, Japanese or 'Hackerese'?

This is not the first time that high profile videos have been victims of hacks and copyright takedowns. Earlier on in the year the youtube accounts of Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga had been affected by fake copyright claims that took their hit videos offline.

Whether tonight's incident is just technical rather than a real hack is not clear, but 'California King Bed' is no more. Many would argue that these videos get enough viewership and that it's not a big deal for one to be offline, but when they rack up sometimes over 1 million views a day, that can account to a loss in advertising revenue for labels.


We just got word from VEVO that there was a data upload error for Rihanna's ' 'California King Bed' and things are back on line. Thanks for reading.

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