Rihanna releases 'Nude' photoshoot cover by Tony Duran

Rihanna Nude campaign 2012Rihanna has just shared her 'nude' photoshoot cover via her Facebook page, which has already gone viral in the last 20 minutes with over 50,000 likes.

Shot by acclaimed photographer Tony Duran, Rihanna's 'Nude' campaign reveals the singer's new blonde hair makeover and a dazzling smile under bed covers. Rihanna never ceases to tease us with her play on words, and provocative clothing, although in this particular ad, it's very tasteful. Some of her music videos play to the tune of raunchy and sexy outfits, grimy and high-paced adrenaline fun, but we haven't seen the term 'nude' used so much to push a campaign, until now.

So what is Rihanna selling? Looks like a new fragrance but we can't be for sure. Is team Rihanna going a step too far with the 'Nude' aspect of her latest product?

Rihanna Nude Campaign description

"Rihanna, dressed in nude lingerie while wrapped in a sheer sheath, blasted her music and kept reapplying Nude." Via Facebook

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