Rihanna nude on frontcover of GQ Magazine

Rihanna just updated her fans this past hour with a saucy new picture of her frontcover pose for GQ Magazine.

Porting a leather jacket, and not much else, Rihanna bares most of her body in this cover which shows her 'badass' side.

This is not the first time she has promoted her 'nude body'. Back in October Rihanna released some new raunchy pictures of her promoting the all-new 'nude' perfume. Yes the concept of nudity was somehow packaged into a small bottle. The pictures were in stark contrast to this latest cover, that shows an edgier, grittier style to Rihanna's personality.

Whether the contents of the magazine will be even more revealing is yet to be determined (get me a copy!). However, it's the first glimpse we've seen of the latest GQ mag for men.

Also this week, Rihanna's latest 'Diamonds' video was aired on Youtube.

Rihanna in Diamonds music video


What's next for Rihanna's topless body?

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